About Us

We love filming weddings, and believe every wedding deserves to be filmed!

Our aim is to create a pure memory of your special day, to be treasured for generations.

Smooth, sharp, high end footage that captures every detail can only be obtained from an experienced shooter.

Weddings are a live event & anything can happen…

With over 150 weddings filmed since 2014, we are able to adapt to situations which may completely throw someone with lesser experience.

Based in the heart of the Black Country, it gives us huge scope to cover the West Midlands & beyond.

40-50 hours of our time goes into each wedding we film and edit, and we take pride in every film we create, because we know how much it will be valued years down the line.

Once you book us, we really don’t need any direction, we’ll work closely with your photographer to make sure everything is captured naturally and discretely.